Department of Labor and Revenue

Title - South Dakota Plumbing Commission

The South Dakota Plumbing Commission works to keep the citizens of our state and their property safe from the hazards associated with unsafe drinking water and unsafe waste disposal facilities.

The Commission:

  • administers the state laws and regulations concerning plumbing
  • inspects plumbing installations
  • investigates complaints related to plumbing
  • licenses all qualified plumbers within the state
  • ensures updating and distribution of the state plumbing code
  • informs plumbers, inspection departments and the public about code requirements, new products and methods of installation
  • provides information of the Commission's activities, recommendations and requirements

Notice of Public Hearing to Adopt Rules

A public hearing will be held in the Governor's Inn Conference Room, 700 West Sioux Avenue, Pierre, South Dakota on July 24, 2014 at 11:00 a.m., to consider the amendment and adoption of the proposed Administrative Rules of South Dakota (ARSD) numbered 20:53:01:01, 20:53:03:01, 20:53:03:05, 20:53:03:06, 20:53:03:07, 20:53:03:09, 20:53:04:01, 20:53:04:03, 20:53:04:04, 20:53:04:06, 20:53:04:07, 20:53:04:08, 20:53:04:09, 20:53:05:01, 20:53:05:02, 20:53:05:03, 20:53:05:04, 20:53:05:05, 20:53:05:06, 20:53:05:07, 20:53:05:08, 20:53:06:01, 20:53:06:02, 20:53:06:03, 20:53:06:04, 20:53:06:05, 20:53:06:06, 20:53:06:07, 20:53:06:08, 20:53:07:01, 20:53:07:03, 20:53:07:04, 20:53:07:05, 20:53:07:06, 20:53:07:07, 20:53:07:08, 20:53:07:09, 20:53:08:03, 20:53:08:06, 20:53:08:07, 20:53:08:08, 20:53:08:09, and 20:53:10:03.

The effect of the rules is to increase plumbing commission license and examination fees, residential inspection fees, establish a license fee for apprentice plumbers, and adopt licensing criteria for apprentice plumbers.

The reason for adopting the proposed rules is to offset increasing expenditures which are necessary to insure that the construction, installation, and maintenance of plumbing in buildings in the state be safe, sanitary and such so as to safeguard the public health.

Persons interested in presenting data, opinion, and arguments for or against the proposed rules may do so by appearing in person at the hearing or by sending them to:

South Dakota State Plumbing Commission
308 South Pierre Street
Pierre, SD 57501

Material sent by mail must reach the State Plumbing Commission by July 24, 2014 to be considered.

After the hearing, the commission will consider all written and oral comments it receives on the proposed rules. The commission may modify or amend a proposed rule at that time to include or exclude matters that are described in this notice.

Notice is further given to individuals with disabilities that this hearing is being held in a physically accessible place. Please notify the Plumbing Commission at least 48 hours before the public hearing if you have special needs for which special arrangements must be made. The telephone number for making special arrangements is 605.773.3429.

Copies of the proposed rules may be obtained without charge by contacting:

South Dakota State Plumbing Commission
308 South Pierre Street
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone: 605.773.3429


Marcia Hultman, Secretary
700 Governors Drive
Pierre, SD 57501-2291
Tel. 605.773.3101
Fax. 605.773.6184