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Title - Labor Market Information Center

Frequently Asked Questions About ...

Employment Projections

How are "high demand" occupations defined?

Which industries in South Dakota are growing the fastest?

Which industries in South Dakota are declining the fastest?

Which occupations will grow the fastest in South Dakota?

Which occupations will be in the greatest demand in South Dakota?

General Topics

How do I use labor market information?

When is the next monthly release of data?

From where can I download Adobe Reader to open .pdf files?

Labor Force & Unemployment Rates

How are labor force data developed?

What's the current unemployment rate for South Dakota?

What's the current unemployment rate in ____________ County?

What does "seasonally adjusted" mean?

Why aren't labor force data available for Native American reservations?

Specific Employers

Who are South Dakota's largest employers?

Can the Labor Market Information Center release names and contact information of employers?

Wages, Earnings & Income

How are "high wage" occupations defined?

How is labor market information used to calculate the maximum weekly unemployment benefit amount?

What are the occupational wages published on this website based on?

What is the SD average wage for the occupation of ____________?

What's the current annual pay in South Dakota?

What are the differences between wage data and average annual pay?

Whom should I contact regarding federal Davis Bacon wages for South Dakota?

Workers by Industry

What are the differences among the concepts used in the Current Employment Statistics (CES) program, the Current Population Survey and the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages? (in Adobe .pdf format)

What does "seasonally adjusted" mean?

Why is data not available specifically for the tourism industry?



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