Department of Labor and Regulation

Title - Labor Market Information Center

Pre-Scheduled Release Dates and Links to Data*

Reference Month of Data Release of U.S. Data Release of Statewide
Labor Force & Nonfarm Worker Data
Release of all
Monthly Data
South Dakota
e-Labor Bulletin
Release of
Seasonally Adjusted Labor Force Data for Metropolitan Areas
September 2015 10/02/15 10/16/2015 10/23/15 10/28/2015
October 2015 11/06/15 11/19/2015 11/25/15 12/07/2015
November 2015 12/04/15 12/17/2015 12/24/15 12/30/2015
December 2015 01/08/16 01/22/2016 01/29/16 02/03/2016

Links to Data on Release Dates

The following are links to where each release of data can be found on our website on the date indicated.

U.S. data - What's New Web page

Statewide labor force & nonfarm worker data - Overview Web page

All monthly data and South Dakota e-Labor Bulletin - e-Labor Bulletin Web page

Seasonally adjusted labor force data for metropolitan areas - What's New Web page (with links to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website for data)

Please note: Each year, there is a lag in the publication of January estimates due to data benchmarking, which is a time-consuming but important process to ensure accuracy of data. For more information on benchmarking, please visit our technical notes page.


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