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Pre-Scheduled Release Dates and Links to Data*

Reference Month of Data Release of U.S. Data Release of Statewide
Labor Force & Nonfarm Worker Data
Release of all
Monthly Data
South Dakota
e-Labor Bulletin
Release of
Seasonally Adjusted Labor Force Data for Metropolitan Areas
June 2014 07/03/14 07/17/2014 07/25/14 07/30/2014
July 2014 08/01/14 08/14/2014 08/22/14 08/27/2014
August 2014 09/05/14 09/18/2014 09/26/14 10/01/2014
September 2014 10/03/14 10/17/2014 10/24/14 10/29/2014
October 2014 11/07/14 11/20/2014 11/26/14 12/09/2014
November 2014 12/05/14 12/18/2014 12/24/14 12/30/2014
December 2014 01/09/15 01/23/2015 01/30/15 02/04/2015

Release of benchmarked data in the online data retrieval systems

Revised annual labor force data for 2009-2013 for all geographic areas within South Dakota will be released in our online data retrieval systems on April 18, 2014. Revised statewide data has already been released.

The data is being revised because of regularly scheduled benchmarking of the data. For more information, see " benchmarking" on our Definitions page.

Links to Data on Release Dates

The following are links to where each release of data can be found on our website on the date indicated (by 9 a.m. that day unless otherwise noted below).

U.S. data - What's New Web page

Statewide labor force & nonfarm worker data - Overview Web page

All monthly data and South Dakota e-Labor Bulletin - e-Labor Bulletin Web page

Seasonally adjusted labor force data for metropolitan areas - What's New Web page (with links to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website for data; available by 3 p.m.)

Please note: Each year, there is a lag in the publication of January estimates due to data benchmarking, which is a time-consuming but important process to ensure accuracy of data. For more information on benchmarking, please visit our technical notes page.


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