Department of Labor and Regulation

Unemployment Insurance

South Dakota Laws and Rules Related to Unemployment Insurance

South Dakota Codified Law Title 61 (subsections 1-7)

Administrative Rule of South Dakota Article 47:06

Proposed Rules

Notice of Public Hearing to Adopt Rules

A public hearing will be held at the Aberdeen Administrative Office, 420 S Roosevelt Street, Aberdeen, SD on November 14, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. to consider the deletion, adoption and amendment of proposed rules numbered:

47:06:01:01, 47:06:01:02, 47:06:01:03, 47:06:01:04, 47:06:02:02, 47:06:02:04, 47:06:02:07, 47:06:02:09, 47:06:02:10, 47:06:02:11, 47:06:02:12, 47:06:02:14, 47:06:02:15, 47:06:02:16, 47:06:02:17, 47:06:03:01, 47:06:03:02, 47:06:03:03, 47:06:03:04, 47:06:03:05, 47:06:04:01, 47:06:04:03, 47:06:04:04, 47:06:04:05, 47:06:04:15, 47:06:04:16, 47:06:04:17.01, 47:06:04:17.02, 47:06:04:21, 47:06:04:21.01, 47:06:04:21.02, 47:06:04:21.03, 47:06:04:22, 47:06:04:27, 47:06:04:28, 47:06:05:02, 47:06:05:03, 47:06:05:03.02, 47:06:05:09, 47:06:05:19, 47:06:05:21, 47:06:05:22, 47:10:01:01 and 47:10:03:02.

The majority of the proposed changes amend the Department name from Department of Labor to the correct Department of Labor and Regulation and change the General Authority and Law Implemented citations in the rules so they correctly refer to re-numbered statutes. Two changes of substance increase the amount of unpaid employer contributions due before the Department begins collection action from $5 to $25 and consider participation by an unemployment benefit applicant in a Department approved reemployment services program to be “actively seeking work.”

The reason for adopting the proposed changes is to insure the rules are accurate and refer to the correct authorizing statutes, to increase efficiency by not billing employers until the amount past due is $25 or more (or until January 31st of the following year) and to recognize by rule that seeking work is the primary activity for applicants participating in the reemployment services program.

Persons interested in presenting data, opinions and arguments for or against the proposed rules may do so by appearing in person at the hearing or by sending them to:

South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation
Attn: Don Kattke
811 E. 10th Street, Dept. 41
Sioux Falls, SD 57103-1650

Material sent by mail must reach the Department of Labor and Regulation by November 9, 2012 to be considered.

After the hearing, the Department will consider all written and oral comments it receives on the proposed rules. The Department may modify or amend a proposed rule at that time to include or exclude matters that are described in this notice.

Notice is further given to individuals with disabilities that this hearing is being held in a physically accessible place. Please notify the Department of Labor and Regulation at least 48 hours before the public hearing if you have special needs for which special arrangements must be made. The telephone number for making special arrangements is 605.367.5345.

Copies of the proposed rules may be obtained without charge from:

South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation
Attn: Don Kattke
811 E. 10th Street, Dept. 41
Sioux Falls, SD 57103-1650

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